3 Ways We Can Improve Healthcare Giving

‘A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running’- Groucho Marx(1890–1977)

You walk into a hospital and expect to be treated better than a child at home. It doesn’t matter if you broke your back rescuing a kitty atop a tree, or sprained an ankle running away from the police. The professionals in this building can cure anyone with an open heart.

That’s right, hospitals were places of healing. Not so much anymore.

There are deep-seated problems that run in the health care industry. I inadvertently mentioned the first one. It’s an industry. Why is it an industry?

Cases can be made for errors in prescribing medicine, or an injury during a surgical procedure. But when health institutions ‘miss’ insights on detrimental practices in the health profession, then we are in a business of dooming people, not healing.

1. Reduce sleep. More exercise for our patients

First, sleep is essential to recovery. And we all sleep. No getting around that. But the fact is patients rarely sleep well while in hospital. jwatch says because of a combination of factors (mostly from hospital staff) their sleep is disturbed.

If the patients are not sleeping well, they are not healing. Too bad when a ‘night at the hospital’ is what’s normally recommended to rid you of that ailment or infection. Have we realized how there are so many hospital beds while the hospitals themselves have little room for movement? Exercise greatly complements the healing process. But is it a service we can’t get without paying?

2. More sun and fresh air.

Modern hospitals can be easily accessed by people. Most are built-in urban centres with good, well-maintained roads leading to them. This at least deserves praise.

However, interior designs of hospitals in major urban centres are riddled with flaws that increase the risk of infection from patient to patient. From small rooms with only a curtain partition for privacy to thin corridors with little room to spare for exercise as the New York Times reports.

A combo of fresh air and sunlight improves the vitality of any patient than gas masks and oxygen cylinders. Even sunlight has been used to treat earlier strains of influenza just by exposing patients to warmer conditions. Researchers are seeing similar signs with the latest CORONA virus. Is there any more proof we need to let our hospitals bathe in natural sunlight as much as it’s needed?

3. No Paperwork for Doctors and Nurses. Hire Other People Instead

Forbes reports that Doctors are doing more paperwork than medical practice in hospitals. From checklists to patient health records, the trial does not end. It is nothing they were trained for in medical school and both Doctors and Nurses agree that paperwork wastes a lot of valuable hospital time.

Why are we not hiring professionals that can handle hospital paperwork and ease the load on our doctors?

But most painfully, this cuts into doctor-patient time. You really have to pay a lot of money for your doctor to look you in the eye and diagnose the problem. Most of the time he is busy looking through your sheet and ticking which is a detriment to your healthcare.

There are some serious errors in healthcare giving institutions that warrant fixing. The effects may be too great to comprehend, but not late to rectify. Let us turn the wheel through in-depth discussions that encourage reform by embracing new ideas that elevate healthcare to new highs and promotes life.




Writer and Internet prenuer. Founder at Sinema Writer

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Nathan Kutete

Nathan Kutete

Writer and Internet prenuer. Founder at Sinema Writer

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